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BSBPMG540 Project review – Link Education

BSBPMG540 Project review

In this final assessment task, you must identify a complex public or private project that has recently been completed and conduct a comprehensive review of its performance.

To meet the minimum threshold of complexity, the project you review must involve:

  • a delivery team of three (3) or more people (including the project manager)
  • detailed project documentation at all stages
  • formal governance structure (for example, a sponsor and/or steering committee), and
  • multiple, complex and dynamic stakeholder relationships.

The final output will take the form of a hypothetical consultant’s report commissioned by the Board of Directors of the performing organisation.

The report will aim to recommend improvements for the firm’s performance of future projects. It is not a (product) review of the deliverable created by the project.

In addition to common requirements for business writing, the review should address the following:

  • project assets, including (but not limited to):
    • project initiation documentation (for example: a project stakeholder register, communications plan, business case and charter)
    • project planning documentation (for example: a project work breakdown structure, schedule, budget; procurement assets and risk register)
    • project delivery documentation (for example: project status reports, change requests, issues register, lessons log, contracts and collateral)
    • project close documentation (for example: project handover checklists, acquittals, closure reports and evaluations), and
  • project performance, including (but not limited to):
    • planned versus actual performance to scope, schedule and budget
    • stakeholder identification and engagement
    • business case development
    • scope definition and management
    • schedule development and control
    • cost estimating and control
    • procurement and contract management
    • risk identification, prioritisation and treatment
    • project team management and performance
    • project governance and change control
    • project delivery and handover, and
    • other lessons learned.

At a minimum, you are expected to conduct one-on-one interviews with the project manager, project sponsor and a client representative.

Other project stakeholders should also be consulted. This can be done using various methods, including interviews, workshops and surveys.

For assessment purposes, the Review must be at least 2,000 words long.

The word count does not include headings and titles, footnotes, references and/or appendices. Documents relevant to your project may also be appended or linked to your report.

You can prepare this document using your workplace resources or the template provided. If you use dedicated software, please export the output as a pdf or screenshots or provide an accessible link.

This document can (but does not need to) relate to projects you reference in other assessment tasks.

For assessment purposes, you may make reasonable assumptions about the project consistent with organisational and project management good practices.

Mentor assistance is available anytime, and you can submit work-in-progress drafts to receive feedback before final submission.