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BSBPMG532 Status report – Link Education

BSBPMG532 Status report

Complete a detailed report on the status of a relevant professional or personal project.

. At a minimum, the status report should include:

  • The project title
  • Project manager’s name
  • Overall status, as well schedule, budget and scope status
  • Work completed since the last report
  • Work to be completed by the next report
  • Lessons learned in the last reporting cycle
  • Exceptions, including:
    • Any issues or risks and their priority
    • Their impact on schedule, budget, scope, outcomes and any other factors
    • Actions required and/or currently in place

You may also use earned value management or other analytic techniques to assist in the interpretation of data.

You can prepare this document using your workplace resources or the template provided. If you use dedicated software, please export the output as a pdf or screenshots or provide an accessible link.

This document can (but does not need to) relate to projects you reference in other assessment tasks.

For assessment purposes, you may make reasonable assumptions about the project consistent with organisational and project management good practices.

You should also consult widely and seek feedback from other project stakeholders on this document.

Mentor assistance is available anytime, and you can submit work-in-progress drafts to receive feedback before final submission.